Meet The Historical Society

Annaclone Historical Society was established in 2009 with the aim of completing a local history book. The 'Annaclone & Drumballyroney Local History' book was published in November 2010 and it was a great success. That publication was followed by a ghost story book which came out in October 2011. The 'Placenames Project' was launched in February 2012 with the aim of erecting townland stones in each townland so that their identity was not lost. The society has also published 'Origins of Surnames in Co Down' in May 2013, 'Irish Ghost Stories in Co.Down' in 2014, 'A History of the Catholic Parish of Annaclone & Drumballyroney' and 'Our Emigrant Sons & Daughters' in 2015, a local heritage trail of Annaclone & Drumballyroney in 2016. In 2017, the society erected a large granite stone to commemorate the Ardbrin Horn and in 2018 they purchased a metal detector to carry out further investigations in the area. 

Kieran Heenan

Founder & Chairman

H: 028 406 31378

"I decided to form the Historical Society back in 2009 in order to complete a local history book which had been started back in 1996 by John & Leo McNeill along with many others but sadly it was not completed due to the sheer volume of information needed for the project.  I have always had a great interest in local history especially surnames."

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Michael Wallace


"I joined the Historical Society back in 2009 when Kieran Heenan had asked me to take some photographs for the history book. My interests include both the local history of the parish of Annaclone & Drumballyroney and the history of my townland. I actually never had any interest in history in school, however, I found local history fascinating."

Bronagh Rafferty


H: 028 4067 1099

M: 07895 199540

"I was one of the founder members of the Historical Society back in 2009 along with Kieran Heenan and I was asked to type the local history book.  It was a huge undertaking but looking back on it I am proud to have been involved with the book as it has been very successful and raised the overall profile of the area in general."

Pauline McCrory


"I joined the Historical Society in 2011 to help with the ghost story book. I am interested in my own family history and also the history of the local area. I have got to meet many wonderful people during my time in the society and learnt a huge amount of interesting facts which I was not aware of before."

Owen Clarke


H: 028 406 71556 

M: 07872177297


"I joined the Historical Society in 2012, to help with their new book which is titled, 'Surnames in Co. Down'.  I looked into a number of families history and extensively researched them in which I uncovered some amazing facts.  People should find the book a great read because it includes a lot of new information about the many families throughout Co. Down."